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Sabund file

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The data reported in an sabund file is appropriate for plotting in a species-abundance plot. In DOTUR these data were found in files ending in "rank". Like the rabund and list files, the first column represents the distance that sequences were assigned to OTUs. If you are making your own sabund file you can make the label anything without spaces. The number in the second column is number of sequences in the dominant OTU(s). Subsequent columns contain the number of OTUs within each category (OTUs containing 1 sequence, OTUs containing 2 sequences, 3 sequences, etc).

Sample output of 98_sq_phylip_amazon.fn.sabund, which can be download in the AmazonData.zip file:

unique	2	94	2	
0.00	2	92	3	
0.01	2	88	5	
0.02	4	84	2	2	1	
0.03	4	75	6	1	2