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1.28.0 - Mac Version - 10.7

Gui Tutorial


  • Pipeline window doesn't scale well when you shrink the window
  • Possible to select on a command and move it up and down the list

  • Close button doesn't seem to do anything - close button closes a pipeline.


  • Possible to make entry to the GUI "prettier" - more like an application?
  • Preferences - allow user to pick constant reference files, processors, etc
  • Can we get rid of path names in the pipeline folder (and file names)?
  • Need a folder in the Analysis window that has a list of all of the commands
  • Put a red dot next to windows that are required (remove red dot when filled)
  • Organize options to put important windows/options to the top
  • Need to make it smarter
    • fill in the file names if it's given in the first command it populates everything else?
    • refresh option to repopulate the names starting at the selected command