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The shhh.seqs command is a mothur-based rewrite of Chris Quince's sequence denoising algorithm, SeqNoise [1]. (Note: SeqNoise is one of two algorithms in the AmpliconNoise pipeline. The other, PyroNoise, runs first and takes as input the raw flowgrams. A mothur implementation of PyroNoise is available as shhh.flows.)

Default settings

The fasta and name parameters are required.

mothur > shhh.seqs(fasta=stool.trim.unique.good.filter.unique.fasta, name=stool.trim.unique.good.filter.names)

This will generate the following files:

  • stool.trim.unique.good.filter.unique.shhh.fasta - ...
  • stool.trim.unique.good.filter.unique.shhh.names - ...
  • stool.trim.unique.good.filter.unique.shhh.map - ...



mothur > shhh.seqs(fasta=stool.trim.unique.good.filter.unique.fasta, name=stool.trim.unique.good.filter.names, group=stool.good.groups)



The sigma parameter .... The default is 0.01.


  • 1.23.0 First introduced.
  • 1.33.0 Improved work balance load between processors.
  • 1.40.0 Rewrite of threaded code. Default processors=Autodetect number of available processors and use all available.