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The otu.hierarchy command relates OTUs at different distances

Default settings

A list file and two labels must be inputted for otu.hierarchy to be successful.

mothur > otu.hierarchy(list=abrecovery.fn.list, label=0.03-0.35)

The abrecovery.fn.0.03-0.35.otu.hierarchy output file will look like:

AY457705	AY457705	
AY457724	AY457724	
AY457722	AY457722	
AY457703	AY457703	
AY457720,AY457728,AY457746,AY457742,AY457781	AY457781	AY457742	AY457720,AY457728,AY457746	
AY457713,AY457719	AY457719	AY457713	
AY457712	AY457712	
AY457681,AY457819,AY457727	AY457727	AY457681,AY457819	
AY457697,AY457787	AY457697	AY457787