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Mothur v.1.6.0

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  • chimera.seqs - a command to detect chimeric sequences using bellerophon, pintail, ccode and chimera check methods.
  • align.check - uses secondary structure maps to check the quality of an alignment.
  • get.sharedotu - Did you ever look at the venn diagrams from mothur and wonder, "What sequences are in those sharedotus represented in this picture"? Well, now mothur has a command to let you know. get.sharedotu takes a list and group file and outputs a list of sequences in the otus shared by all groups. You can use the groups parameter to see the shared otus by specific groups, and the label parameter to specify the distance you are interested in. You can also input a fasta file and mothur will generate a fasta file containing only the sequences in these shared otus. For more info type get.sharedotu(help).

Bug fixes

  • mothur now checks for empty input files.
  • fixed bug with reverse.seqs and filter.seqs

Documentation changes