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Mothur v.1.3.0

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Revision as of 15:34, 21 May 2009 by Westcott (Talk | contribs) (Major updates)

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Minor updates

Major updates

  • seq.filter - Remove select columns from an alignment by removing any column that has a specific character in it, a minimum base frequency, or a user-supplied filter
  • dist.seqs - Generate pairwise distance matrix in column format
  • dist.shared
  • tree.shared - Generate a newick-formatted tree file comparing the membership or structure of multiple communities

  • Calculators
    • Shared Chao1 richness estimator for N≥2; incorporated into calculating 3- and 4-way Venn diagrams
    • Boneh
    • Efron
    • Shen
    • Solow

Bug fixes

  • Got rid of weird output to screen when running collect.single() or using the npshannon calculator
  • Fixed bug that would not permit freq=1
  • Fixed file error with rarefaction.single() and rarefaction.shared()