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Mothur v.1.10.0

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We are happy to announce the release of the mothur v.1.10.0! This release contains a number of new commands and additional features, many of which were suggested by our loyal users over on the mothur forum. There are three notable additions to this release. First, users can now generate neighbor joining trees within mothur using the clearcut command, which is a wrapper for the program by the same name. Second, we have added an additional "phylogenetic" method for assessing alpha diversity by using the phylo.diversity command. Third, we offer the make.group command, which should lighten the load of our in-box - if you give mothur the names of your fasta files that contain sequences for different groups, mothur will make the group file for you. We've also added a number of features to expand the utility of mothur including adding parallelization to many commands and the ability to have inexact matches to your primers and barcodes in the trim.seqs command.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Hopefully, you can see that we take your comments seriously and are happy to incorporate good ideas into mothur!

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