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Mothur v.1.1.0

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mothur v.1.1 will be released around March 1, 2009. Here are a list of the modifications and features that will be included...

Cosmetic Changes

  • Type checking on option parameters
  • Don't need a space between comma and options
  • Don't need to put a quit() command at the end of a batch file
  • The single, shared, rarefaction, sharedrarefaction, summary and shared summary parameters are replaced by the calc parameter.
  • All estimator names are lowercase.

Major Feature Additions

  • TreeClimber/Parsimony Test
  • Weighted Unifrac
  • Unweighted Unifrac
  • read.shared command

Minor Feature Additions

  • Ability to set pairwise comparisons for shared commands
  • Ability to set cutoff for an "abundant" species in ACE estimator as something other than 10.
  • Only filename parameters persist between commands, all others return to default values